The Defiled @ O2 Academy, Birmingham – 23 March 2013

The third Jagermesiter Music Tour hits Birmingham during a cold and snowy spell, but who cares about the weather when a ticket only costs a fiver thanks to Jagermeister subsidising admission.

After the fantastic Jagermeister Music Tour 2012 featuring Skindred, Therapy? and Black Spiders, this is one that plenty of folk have looked forward to for quite some time, with Gojira and Ghost heading their way. But first, it’s hotly-tipped London metallers The Defiled to open proceedings.

These boys have a brutal industrial flavour which mixes infectious grooves and electronic influences. Opening with new single ‘Sleeper’ from the forthcoming album ‘Daggers’, vocalist/guitarist Stitch D and The AvD on synth play on the edge of stage, geeing up the already rocking-out crowd.

From the off, and throughout ‘The Resurrectionists’, ‘Black Death’ and ‘Blood Sells’ – this is a great performance. Stitch D’s commanding presence, The AvD swinging his “No Morals” emblazoned synth above his head (and any other which way he can) and the band in general looking the business and sounding .. well, sounding a bit of a mess, if truth be known.

That is not to say The Defiled play badly – not at all. But, super-chunky guitar, heavy-as-hell double bass drumming, along with electronica, requires at least some distinguishable separation. However, for some reason, this does not appear to be achievable during this particular show, which is a shame.

During the set Stitch gives thanks to Jagermeister and announces the band have signed to Nuclear Blast records. As they close with newbie ‘As I Drown’ followed by ‘Call To Arms’, I have no doubt that regardless of sound technicalities, The Defiled have won over a bunch of new fans tonight.

Review & Photography: Steve Johnston

The Defiled